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Add a sharp finishing touch to your evil villain costume or pirate disguise this Halloween with our arsenal of Weapons & Armour. Cut to the chase and complete your Halloween costume with one of our many fake swords, ideal for medieval kings, noble knights and bold warriors. Whether you're a slick superhero ready to battle your arch nemesis or a crafty ninja, you'll find the tools you need to get the job done — and look good doing it — with these accessories made to complement a variety of costumes.

Holy accessories Batman! We have everything you need to protect Gotham city from evil. Choose from the Batman Brave & Bold Accessory Kit, Grappling Hook and Batarang. You'll probably need them all if The Joker strikes! Protect yourself from The Red Skull with the Captain America Winter Soldier-Stealth Shield or ward off danger with a Roman Armour Breast Plate.

If you're working a haunted house or just love scaring the pants off the trick-or-treaters who dare come to your house, you'll find all the weapons you need to have them shaking in their boots. Hundreds of Weapons and Armor accessories are literally at your fingertips. We'll help you obliterate your enemy without draining your checking account. Most of our accessories are in stock and ready to ship, so you'll be ready to fight the good fight in no time.