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Every party deserves a distinctive look, and that's what you will get with our decorations and parties backdrops, scenes, and door covers. Set the stage and prepare for the special costume party. If you are looking for a ghastly vibe for your event, you will love our Halloween dripping blood border.

Or check out the catacombs with piles of skulls and bones or dripping bloody wall backdrops. For a sea faring party consider getting a cruise ship deck, ocean and sky, beach, blue sky and ocean beach, luau sunset beach, or undersea backdrop. You can almost feel the spray of the waves and hear the dolphins playing in the surf. Our Hollywood VIP or lookout point backdrops are great for those gala movie awards night parties where all your guests can shine like stars.

There is a wide variety to choose from — a western wall, black tie ballroom, mardi gras, 1950's soda shop, spooky sky, and black and white checkered backdrops as well. Your guests can pretend they're in a medieval castle, 50s malt shop, fantasy Easter land, or catacombs thanks to our interesting array of scene setting decorations.

Transform your door into an entry to a western saloon, creepy zombie hideout, back stage door, retro ‘80s video game, outhouse, castle, gruesome refrigerator, or even a restroom for skeleton's or witches. Our door covers are great for any door including front doors, bedroom doors, and dorm room doors. It's always fun to give your guests a hint of what's to come before they even cross your threshold.