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Set the tone for fun with our stylish plates. Available in solid colour and chevron. Mix and match to create the perfect scene for your next social gathering with just the right tone for your party with our assortment of party plates.

With hundreds of dinner and dessert plates to choose from, you will find the ones that are the perfect fit for your party’s theme. When your guests sit down for food or cake, the first thing they will notice are the plates. You can choose from single-color plates in just about any hue, from classic pink and candy red, to school-bus yellow or Bermuda blue. Looking for something to commemorate your child’s age? We’ve got it covered.

We have trains, sharks, fish, kittens, horses, monkeys, funny dogs, suns and even a variety of personalized photo dinner plates. We have divided plates, plates shaped like Spider-man's mask and fancy ladybugs, square for Monster High, Batman and The Little Mermaid, and so much more.

Whatever theme you dream up for your child’s birthday party, we are sure to have the plates to go with it. Who knows, your little guests may even eat faster just to see the plates again.