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It's one of the few things that is OK to hit with a stick. Who wouldn't like that? These colorful and bright paper concoctions have always been party staples in our Decorations and Party supplies. And the good news is, we have a big variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. We have traditional piñatas (the kind who whomp with a stick or bat) and pull string piñatas (their gentler cousin which is triggered by a unison tug of the strings).

We have beach balls, basketballs, baseballs, and baseball jersey shaped piñatas. Popular characters like Dr. Seuss, Super Mario, Minnie Mouse, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Spider-Man are always welcome at a party. If you are doing a party with a western theme you might select our sheriff, cowboy boot, or horse. A flip flop, hula girl, sea horse, hibiscus flower, dolphin, tiki, or parrot piñata will make a great splash at your tropical party.

Whether it's a rainbow donkey, bunny, jack-o-lantern, lady bug, jukebox, or disco ball you need to complete your theme, we can help you out. We also have a piñata blindfold, colorful piñata buster stick and several options of goodies with which to fill the piñata. We even have kit to transform a traditional piñata into a pull string piñata. You may want one just to whack for good therapy? We don't judge.