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Children and adults alike stare up at the sky and wonder what else — or who else — is out there. Are we really the only form of life in the galaxy? We may never know the answers, but we do know that space, aliens, and astronauts can dress you for the dream intergalactic travel of a lifetime!

You may not actually have a spaceship, but you'll look ready to be captain of your ship. There are child costumes too. Just be prepared to answer when your space ship is taking off! For many of us, dreaming of outer space came at about the same time the Star Wars movie was first released.

So check out our full selection of space and aliens party supplies if you need the perfect decor to get started.  We also have multiple Star Wars Costumes and Party Supplies for adults and children witch matching space balloons, cups and napkins for the best space themed party ever. 

For your run-of-the-mill scare their pants off alien look, check out our Alien Masks and Costumes.