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Parties are three dimensional, so don’t forget to decorate a little overhead. With a variety of styles and colors, you’ll find just what you’re looking for from our awesome selection of ceiling decorations. Our 16" wide paper fluffy decorations make it seem like you’ve walked into a field of flowers growing overhead. These lovely fluffs come three to a pack and in a wide variety of colors including red, lime green, robin’s egg blue, new purple, bright royal blue, yellow, white, pink, ocean blue, rainbow and multi-color.

When our plastic swirls are hung, it’s like having bouncy clouds above you, but you'll never have to worry about rain. These 22" long decorations come in sets of 12 and are available in 9 color options, so you can find one or more that is sure to match whatever party theme you chosen. Imagine having bright butterflies and flowers fluttering overhead. With 12' long foil butterfly and flower hanging ceiling decorations, it’s easy to make this idea a reality.

We also have an adorable 30" long cascade of butterflies dancing below a bright yellow sun. Or how about five lovely foil 40" long flower twirls in red, blue, green, yellow and pink, dancing from curly streamers attached to your ceiling? Add some extra ceiling decorations and raise the roof at your next party.