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Costume accessories and makeup can add a splash of either class or sass to your already-swank style! We offer a vibrant variety of costume accessories for adults, teens and kids to make their look all the more fun, plus costume makeup for an authentic and extravagant finishing touch. Get those sexy shoes for the gal who wants her feet to look sweet.

And parents, go ahead and grab some light-up accessories to keep your kid safe and during trick-or-treating. Whether you want costume accessories to amplify your everyday style or costume makeup for your wild child, the products from our massive collection of costume accessories and makeup options will be sure to give your costume the exciting edge you're looking for.

Even the greatest do-it-yourself Halloween costumes need makeup and the right accessories. That's where we come into the picture. Our selection of Hollywood-quality costume makeup is second to none. For a truly unique look, browse our large supply of makeup, applicators and removal items that will transform your costumed self into a one-of-a-kind character. You will also find makeup kits designed to help you complete a specific sexy look. Kits for a gothic vampire or werewolf costume are available to help you finish your creation. All sexy Halloween costumes can have a professional look and feel with makeup from Party Supply.

Once you have decided on the right makeup for your sexy Halloween costume, it's time to look at accessories. Where would a cheerleader be without her pom-poms? Or a flapper without her boa or bob-style Halloween wig? Whatever sexy costume you decide on, our accessories will help you add an authentic feel to it. Add the right shoes and a bullwhip to your Catwoman outfit, and this sexy Halloween costume favorite will have you on the prowl. We even offer funky Halloween props for extra ghostly appeal. So make it happen with Party Supply.