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Angry Birds hit the world by storm with its simple yet entertaining gameplay. The fun of flinging the birds into the forts setup by the pigs offer new and exciting challenges for both kids and adults. Now the Angry Birds have leapt from your phone and have taken center stage at your next party! The Angry Birds Video Games section in our Characters video games category will have everything you need to complete the bird squawking, pig oinking, fort crashing experience. How do you get your guests to come and let them know the theme to the party?

Check out the Angry Birds invitations and Thank You postcards. Getting everyone there is only half the battle. We've got you covered there too with an assortment of themed plates, cups, napkins, balloons, and even wall decals. Your house will look like a level from the game in no time. Of course, no kid's party would be complete without prizes to give out at the end.

Angry Birds Treat Bags, stickers, and temporary tattoos are the perfect little something extra to put the exclamation point on the party's close. Get the whole family involved with a complete set of Angry Birds costumes for Mom, Dad, the kids, the new baby, and even the family dog! You'll have the happiest Angry Birds on the block!